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eatfitwithamita 3.0
Global Challenge

With just a month into 2023, you can still start your fitness journey. Are you still wondering about joining the gym? Or starting a ‘diet’?  Would you be interested in a program that gives you all the essential nutrition hacks in a simple way?


Look no further, whichever part of the world you are in, we have the perfect transformation program for you. It is simple, easy to follow, and will help you kick-start your fitness journey. Bonus- you do it with a super motivated community who are with you through the entire program! 

What is the program?

This 30 days program is a unique habit-based group program. It will help you get fitter and stronger with the help of a diet plan and exercise plan. Amita does not believe in any fad diets or any drastic methods. Hence the program will focus on helping you develop sustainable habits. 

This 30 days program

  • Diet plan ✔️ 

  • Exercises to tone your core ✔️

  • Regular live with Amita ✔️ 

  • Stress management techniques ✔️ 

  • Accountability check-ins ✔️ 

  • Monitoring by team Amita ✔️ 

  • Community support group ✔️ 

  • Progress milestones ✔️


Here's what you gain in this 30 days program

  • Become fit and confident ✔️ 

  • Lose weight/fat. ✔️ 

  • Unlock the power of sustainable nutrition ✔️ 

  • Develop healthy sustainable habits ✔️ 

  • Get stronger ✔️ 

  • Get fitter ✔️ 

  • Increased energy levels ✔️ 

  • Improve complexion ✔️ 

  • Healthier hair ✔️ 

  • Improved sleep  ✔️ 

  • Better hormonal balance  ✔️ 

  • Improved medical parameters  ✔️ 

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Starts On
13th Feb 2023

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30 Days


Challenge Fee
INR 6500/-

Early bird offer -
INR 5000/-
(Ends on 6th Feb,2023)

After 15 years of helping thousands of people unlock the power of better health, Amita has now curated this super special program for you to begin your wellness journey. As always, we come with a ‘very real advice’ promise. We are here for better nutrition and health as a way of life! Are you ready to start your ‘deep health’ journey with us?

In case of any queries please reach out to Rohit Ratnaparkhi at or +91-9175935362

Frequently Asked Questions

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