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Pregnancy Nutrition


The creation of a life inside another living being is nature’s best miracle!

We, at Amita’s Holistic Nutrition, realize and cherish this. You obviously want the best for your to-be-born child and the journey starts with you. Your health and well-being will reflect on your child. Your lifestyle will have long-term effects on your child. Hence right from planning a pregnancy to post delivery, it is very crucial to incorporate a balanced and well-nourished intake of nutrients and follow a healthy lifestyle. 

Weight gain during pregnancy is often a crucial challenge. Too much weight gain too suddenly can lead to a challenging delivery. And then there are myths, (unwarranted)counsellors-Phew! Post-delivery sudden weight loss is also not the best way to go ahead with it. Both the processes have to be gradual. 

New borns bring exciting times with them. However, it can also get overwhelming at times. New mothers often tend to neglect their own health and well-being in trying to take care of their child. 

You need someone to guide you through this journey and make you self-reliant, to teach you to make those balanced and healthy choices for you as well as your baby.

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