• Dr. Manasi Naralkar

    A fitness journey simplified!

    "Hi! I'm Amita!" A bubbly, vivacious lady introduced herself to me at a party. "I follow your blogs- really enjoy reading them!"

    Pleasantly surprised and somewhat flattered that she knew me, not just by name but also my work, this first meeting struck a chord.

    A few months later, my husband Viren and I got our routine blood tests worked up. We'd crossed into our thirties and thought of checking on the engine that was keeping our machine running!

  • Viren Naralkar

    For the longest period of my adult life, I was a person who used to take pride in
    my food-loving nature.

    I started facing the consequences of my food and lifestyle habits last year and decided to take back the control of my life. Meeting and talking to Amita was a true life changing experience!

    I never felt at any point that I’m talking to a consultant, but a friend who can understand what I was going through.

  • Milind Bibikar

    I wish to share my positive experience of working with

    Amita Gadre’s Holistic Nutrition.
    I am Milind Bibikar, Director & Business Coach at Expandus Busines Coaching Pvt Ltd. Being acoach myself, I understand the importance of having a coach in the area of life we want to improve. I wanted to improve my fitness.

     I wasn’t regular at exercising for last 3-4 years and during this period I tried different fad diets or quick fixes and always fell off-track after few days. I couldn’t remain consistent with any of them for more than 3-4 weeks at a stretch.

  • Sneha Walawalkar

    I had been over weight for quiet some time and always used to procrastinate the plan to do something about it. I started my weight loss journey when one of my colleague mentioned about a weight loss program that he was undergoing under Amita’s guidance and how happy and confident he feels with the results.

    In our first meeting, I had a detailed discussion with Amita about my routine, likes-dislikes in food and other food habits.

    She guided me with how much quantity of food I should have in number of meals, what to include in the daily food intake, the water intake quantity, and the most important factor – ‘Exercise’.

  • Tejas Mulay

    “In first week itself i lost about 2kg and in a month i lost 5kg. Yes this was  magic.“

    I had been overweight from early twenties and planning for weight loss for many years. Atlast i started weight loss program with my wife Vrishali. I thought let’s give it a try.

    We went to Amita and said need your guidance. She had a long discussion with us on our lifestyle, likes/dislikes, profession, working hours, medical condition and almost everything. And she designed a diet plan for me.

    Diet plan included meals spread throughout the day and jogging.

  • Vrishali Mulay

    “Today I have lost 11 kg excessive body weight and my PCOS is also under control, thanks to diet and exercise.”

    I left my job and turned entrepreneur. When I was on a job, I was not overweight. But when I turned entrepreneur and started operating from home, I started gaining weight. I was struggling with abnormal menstrual cycles. Later I was diagnosed with PCOS. In this medical issue, weight is of prime concern, and that’s how I decided I have to reduce my weight.

    I went to Amita and asked her guidance in this. We had detailed discussion on likes/dislikes in eating habits and other relevant things. 

  • Mrunalini Navgire

    We started back in late Oct with a 3 month plan for immunity building. Considering my medical history of 2 past Angioplasties and an erratic stressful lifestyle Amita gave me assurance that she will work up a plan around my hectic schedule with minimal invasion. There was no goal for instant weight loss or a huge change in eating habits and exercise routine.

    Amita gave me a very simple meal plan which was easy follow and a basic exercise plan that I could choose on my own from the Nike app. With a long history of a bad back and neck exercise is a huge problem for me. We chose a very simple flow plan to start with.

  • Ajay Nair

    I weighed 121kg, my blood pressure constantly shooting to 160/110, and HbA1c (glycated Hemoglobin) count hitting a 9.6 when my family physician gave me the characteristic warning: “Aapki ke seeti baj gai hai” (Your health is on the rocks). Having tried diets in the past, and getting half-baked advice from people and Whatsapp University, I was sceptical about seeing a nutritionist. But things changed like never before after my first meeting with Amita.

    A simple Skype meeting with her made me feel that I need not lose my mind over losing weight. 

  • Sharvari K

    I have struggled with weight and body image issues since as long as I can remember. I have always felt the guilt of having a big meal and doing some ill informed diet and exercise routines.

    I decided that there had been enough of this guilt and self hate. That's when I contacted Amita.

    My confidence has improved, I feel strong mentally. Despite having PCOS, I have managed to lose weight and inches which I never thought was possible.

    I think this is the reason we all need a nutritionist in our life.

  • B Mohanachandran

    When I met Amita, I was not sure as to how eating certain foods were going to fix my digestion issues of so many years. I was scared of eating anything as I thought all food would give me acidity but My constipation is cured, I don't feel bloated now and my energy levels have improved a lot. I no longer have to take any antacids and acidity is a thing of the past - only because I began eating right. 

    began feeling optimistic with the information shared with me and suggestions of what I could eat and what I should avoid. 




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