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Mental Health Program

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Good health is a function of a fit body and a sound mind.


In the modern life of extreme stress, the body and mind suffer equally, if not given the attention they deserve.

We, at Amita’s Holistic Nutrition, regard mental health of utmost importance. A healthy and sound mind can climb any number of mountains and face any number of challenges. A healthy-looking individual may be struggling with anxiety, feeling low, depression or other issues of the mind. The increasing awareness on the importance of mental health, is a ray of hope that we all need to ensure shines like a beacon of happiness.


How you live changes the way you eat and how you eat changes the way you live.  We strongly believe that food plays a pivotal role in dealing with all kinds of mental illness. We must bear in mind that food has the power to elevate your mood, improve your gut health, nourish you and hence also assists in dealing with all these illnesses. We help you to eat right to be able to live up to your potential!

Apart from providing a customized meal plan, we work with the best in the field of Mind Coaching-   Dishalakshmi Barve, the founder of Tara – Counselling and Healing. Disha is a certified Counsellor and a Life Coach. Over 3000 individuals have benefited from her counsel over the last decade and quite a few have been members of this program too.


We take our name ‘Holistic Nutrition’ seriously- and hence we provide a complete package to ensure that you- your mind as well as body - are well taken care of. Reach out to us, we are here to help you.

DishaLakshmi Barve - Counselor and Coach
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