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Overseas/NRI Program

Living in a land far away from your home country, one often struggles to strike a balance between what is locally available and what you have grown up eating. Add to this, the demands of a hectic work life and the desire to keep yourself healthy and fit- the result is a confusion of whether to go by western ‘rules’ of eating or follow Indian traditions. What if we told you- you can do both, and explained to you how to balance on this tightrope walk?

We frequently encounter these challenges while living outside India. However, these cannot be a roadblock to good health and nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

We, at Amita’s Holistic Nutrition, understand this hurdle and have the perfect solution to this. Amita has a vast experience of interacting with clients across the globe. She is not only aware of local cuisines but also local ingredients. Be it seasonal availability or seasonal change, you are taken care of. She is well informed on the global culinary scene. When we say a customized meal plan, it is truly bespoke!

The way we are globally connected through the power of the internet, no distance seems too much. We make you self-sufficient enough that you can build a healthy lifestyle for yourself be it any part of the world.

So why ponder? Let’s get going now!

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