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How It Works

Amita's Consultation

Once you have signed up to the program by paying the full fees, you will get a link to our ‘detailed assessment form’. Please make sure you fill this up to as many details as possible- we even take into account small details like ‘I like savoury breakfast’ or ‘I eat eggs but only in bakes’. With this form, you will also be able to send us your medical/biochemical reports. 


A big thank you for taking the important step towards taking charge of your own health and nutrition! I am proud of you already. If you are here, you have probably heard of Amita’s nutrition consultation from a friend of yours, on social media, youtube or a similar platform - thank you for your support. To join my holistic nutrition program, you can fill up this form (give short form link) and our office will get in touch with you. Please make sure that you fill in your contact details correctly so that we can reach you.

Your first appointment with Amita. Yay! Here’s your chance to tell Amita the minutest of details of your routine/weekends, food likes and dislikes, personality. Amita will take all the information into consideration and then give you a super custom meal plan and exercise plan. Yes, Amita is the only holistic nutritionist who also gives you a custom exercise plan. When we say we are a one-stop-shop, we mean it!



You will get an orientation call/email from our office. After understanding the ‘sensible holistic nutrition’ methodology, you can choose to sign up for the program. This step is critical as we want to ensure that your as well as our expectations from each other match. Why do we do this? Because, we don’t believe in any fad diets, crash diets, instant weight loss or rapid transformation- it has been proven time and again that you take some time to achieve sustainable health goals.

Your transformation journey begins! Congratulations!

Frequently Asked Questions

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