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Our Philosophy

I am Amita Gadre, a clinical nutritionist and the founder of Amita's Holistic Nutrition. I am also a foodie and a constant proponent of 'real food'. 


I believe that 'how you live changes the way you eat and how you eat changes the way you live.' 


For more than a decade, at Amita's Holistic Nutrition, it is our mission to empathize with, enable, educate, and empower everyone to take charge of their own #nutrition and #health. We help people to heal their health issues using food as medicine. Every client that comes to us unlocks a deep understanding of the mindful eating and holistic health approach- so that they become their own holistic nutritionists- for life. 



I used to be unfit, overweight, and with very poor energy levels - despite eating healthy most of the time. I completely understand the body shaming, self-neglect, and loss of confidence - brought upon by lack of good health. I also know that it is not easy to prioritize yourself while looking after your family and going about your work. That is why Empathy is the first step of our program. 


We strive to make nutrition simple to understand. Our forte is Enabling our clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle and we provide them support at every level - be it their food and recipes, exercise, #mindfulness, or sleep. 


Every client at Amita's #holistic nutrition ends up being educated about 'real food' and how to figure out what works for them. We provide fully #customized nutrition programs that educate every client about their own health and nutrition and also positively impact their families and friends.


It is our pride that our clients are completely empowered to take charge of their nutrition and the healthy habits that we help them to cultivate, so that they continue to stay healthy even after the #transformation program has ended. 

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