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Upset Stomach

Endometriosis Management Program

Endometriosis. A painful diagnosis to live with. If not managed well in time it can lead to a decreased quality of life due to severe pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and infertility. The looming doubts of surgery, painful periods, and infertility adds to the agony.

But, research shows that this inflammatory disorder can be managed through the right kind of anti-inflammatory diet. Many patients have also shown a significant decrease in painful periods, irregular periods, abdominal cramps, and an increase in overall strength- simply by changing their diet and bringing in effective exercise.


We, at Amita’s Holistic Nutrition, are very well aware of this pain and struggle. Over the years, we have worked with 100s of endometriosis patients and have cracked the ‘diet code’. All the endometriosis symptoms can be managed with the right diet and exercise.

Here is what our 3-month program offers

  • Anti-inflammatory diet

  • Exercises to lose body fat and get stronger

Pain management techniques

Be assured, you can lead a pain-free and healthy life by making food your friend. We can show you how.

Come, be a part of our tribe, and let’s work on your health together.

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