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Muscle Gain Program

Will I have to eat only eggs to put on weight? But I am a vegetarian.

Most people around you struggle to lose weight. Ignored are the ones who struggle to put on weight!

Weight gain, like weight loss, can be a challenging process. It could leave an individual eating more amount of food but not necessarily the right kind of food. This can lead to weight gain but also other health issues.

We, at Amita’s Holistic Nutrition, focus on #mindful eating and providing life-ready solutions. Weight gain could be obstructed by higher metabolic rate, genetics, etc. Though weight gain sounds simple, it should be muscle gain and not fat. The weight gain should also be long term and sustainable. By teaching you the science of food, we will empower you with ability to take charge of your own health and well-being.

We look at gaining weight by providing necessary nutrition as well as a healthier lifestyle.

So look no further for a fitter and better version of yourself!

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