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Weight Loss Program

How will I lose weight? Will I have to starve and give up on all my favourite food? What if I bounce back to my old weight? Will I have to workout 2 or 3 hours in the gym? Will I have to buy expensive food items to lose weight?

These are often some troublesome questions on most people’s mind. A lot of people try fad diets, strenuous workout regimes to lose weight. They often do lose weight; however, it is temporary and not #sustainable. Diets of deprivation do not work.

We, at Amita’s Holistic Nutrition, focus on #mindful eating and providing life-ready solutions. Each individual is a unique person and so are his/her body requirements, challenges, metabolism, food habits, etc. We not only focus on the goal of losing weight but also on providing #well-balanced #customized #nutrition. We strongly believe that food nourishes you, gives you joy and energizes you. Food is often a solution to a lot of problems as opposed to the popular belief of food being the culprit. Eating less or more is not important, however eating right is! Weight loss is a journey, often emotionally demanding one too, and not a time bound target.

Our USP not only lies in explaining the reason and rationale behind incorporating food, the nutrients it supplies but also in teaching individuals to make balanced choices. Once you understand mindful eating practices and make them your way of life, you will never have to go back to 'dieting' again.

So, join this movement to 'break the diet rules' and transform yourself into a healthier, more confident you- for life!

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