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Immunity Enhancer Program

How do you increase immunity? What should I eat? Are there any immunity supplements that I can take?

We come across these questions frequently, especially in times of a health crisis.

We, at Amita’s Holistic Nutrition, address all these issues. Immunity is an individual body’s capacity to fight infections. Immunity is not a magic pill that can be consumed and achieved in a day. Neither does it mean that we never fall ill. A good immune system helps us recover faster and better. Good immunity is achieved over a period of time through #mindful eating and workout as a part of your lifestyle. In fact, there is a reason that it is called an immunity ‘system’, as it depends on multiple factors. Food plays a vital role in building immunity. A well-nourished and well-balanced holistic meal plan will help you achieve this. It has to be a right proportion of all the nutrients required. It should take care of any deficiencies that you may have. A regular exercise routine will help you in regulating blood pressure, maintaining weight, improving cardiovascular health and thus contributes to boosting immunity.

Your health and immunity are in your own hands. Take charge of it today!

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