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A Master class on
Gourmet Nourish Salads

Does the thought of experimenting with food excite you?

Do you often struggle to find the balance between delicious and nutritious food? Your quest for this perfect combination comes to
an end here.

We bring to you a unique opportunity. An exceptional combination of Gourmet food and Nutrition balance. Food that your tummy as well as taste buds agree with!

For the first time, Nutritionist Amita Gadre and Food Designer Priyanka Raj, are coming together to showcase a masterclass on ‘Gourmet Nourish Salads’

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Amita Gadre

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Food Designer

Priyanka Raj

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21st May Saturday, 2022


10:30 am to 12:30 pm IST
In person (Kalyaninagar,Pune) & Zoom online session

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2 Hours

In-person (Kalyaninagar,Pune)

Online on Zoom

Early Bird offer: (Valid upto 10th May)

INR 3999/-

INR 2999/-

Masterclass Fee:

INR 4999/-

INR 3999/-


Hands-on Salad making experience, a detailed recipe book, discount vouchers and a GOODIE BAG!

Cook along with Amita and Priyanka (we will provide you with the ingredient list), detailed recipe book, discount vouchers

To sign up for online class click here 





To sign up for in-person class please scan the QR code OR Reach out to

Rohit Ratnaparkhi at +91-9175935362

Through this workshop, they aim to excite your taste buds and help you discover the passionate relish of creating something uniquely your own along with it being healthy.

You will learn

  • A master template which will help you to make 50 salads (if not more!)

  • A master template of salad dressings to go with the salads

  • How to transform a salad into a complete meal (including protein balance)

  • Gourmet tips and tricks for a MasterChef worthy salad

  • Nutritional information about the superfoods in your salad (also tweaks to make your salad work  for specific health issues like diabetes, PCOS, hypothyroidism, weight loss, hormonal imbalances etc)


*Disclaimer – No recording of this session will be available

*Fees once paid will not be refunded

Meet your amazing Hosts! 


Amita Gadre, is a leading nutritionist in India. She is behind some of the most effective health and fitness transformation results over the last 15 years. Amita provides ‘life ready’ nutrition solutions that take your life, routine and your own individual needs into account, putting you on track for long-term health and fitness. Thanks to her global online nutrition counselling practice, she has also been featured in the Times of India, India Today, Mumbai Mirror and other publications. Amita has expert global creds, she is B. Sc. (Nutrition), Gold Medalist,  M. Sc. (Nutrition), M.H.A (Health), and an internationally certified expert nutrition coach. Over the years Amita has helped 1000s of clients achieve their goals which has led to her firm belief in ‘Let food be thy medicine’ approach to diet counselling. 

Priyanka Raj is a designer, futurist, artist and ceramicist. She is the founder of Gustatoria, a transdisciplinary design and experiential futures (XF) studio, crafting experimental tools, artefacts and immersive experiences with a focus on imagined futures, often but not always linked to food. Priyanka firmly believes the ability to take raw materials and turn them into a dish is a life skill; a part of our independence. Her most recent work, "Dinners from the Future", is a nuanced reflection of humanity's position in the natural world. Through the 7 courses, diners explore and experience the different worlds we might inhabit in the year 2060.

You can check out her amazing work here

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