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Duo Program

You travel together. You try new cuisines together. You binge watch web series together. Then why not build a healthier and fitter lifestyle together?

We, at Amita’s Holistic Nutrition, have a transformation program designed specifically for couples/partners. Healthy eating, working out can be exciting and fun when done together. It does not mean cooking for individuals.


We understand the demands of modern hectic schedules and hence have a program in place that makes nourishing your body and mind, double the fun; without making it seem like a chore. We believe that food should be a path to happiness and health and not cause stress or guilt. We craft the personalized meal plans such that nutritional requirements for both the individuals are met through the similar food and yet each of you achieves your individual health goals as well.

Having a companion for a transformation program is not

only comforting but also provides emotional encouragement as well.

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