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Vrishali Mulay

Vrishali Mulay – lost 11 kgs in one year despite hormonal imbalances due to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)


“Today I have lost 11 kg excessive body weight and my PCOS is also under control, thanks to diet and exercise.” – Vrishali Mulay


I left my job and turned entrepreneur. When I was on a job, I was not overweight. But when I turned entrepreneur and started operating from home, I started gaining weight. I was struggling with abnormal menstrual cycles. Later I was diagnosed with PCOS. In this medical issue, weight is of prime concern, and that’s how I decided I have to reduce my weight.  I went to Amita and asked her guidance in this. We had detailed discussion on likes/dislikes in eating habits and other relevant things. PCOS and the resultant hormonal imbalance was a biggest barrier in weight loss. With all these challenges we started our diet program as designed by Amita.

Initially it was not easy for me, as after school days now I was going to run for some distance so I was not sure whether I could do it, but then I started with baby steps. Due to a previous ankle injury, I could not run. So I had to first start with walk, after say 4 months I started jogging but that too for 500 meters, and then slowly I increased this to upto 2 kms.


In case of diet it was relatively easy for me as I like fruits and salad but I also had some cravings and temptations for sweet, and other foods like oily and spicy. Sandwich is my weak point, I told Amita about this and she incorporated it in my diet for some period. I used to communicate with her on daily basis for initial 4-5 months. She never compelled me to do anything, it was always a discussion which gave me insight about what to eat and when to eat.

During this entire journey my husband (Tejas) was the sole support for me. When i decided to go for weight loss program he immediately said let’s do it together. That was the time when I felt, yes I can do it. I simply followed what Amita asked me to do. She helped me to understand my body type.

Today almost after a year I have lost 11 kg excess body weight and reached to my body normal. Most importantly, my PCOS issue is also in control with all other biochemical parameters in line with normal conditions. I could achieve this only because of diet and exercise.  I thank Amita for this as without her guidance this would not have possible.

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