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"How you live changes the way you eat and how you

eat changes the way you live.

Eat right to be able to live

up to your potential" 

- Amita


Welcome to Amita Gadre's Holistic Nutrition.


I am a clinical nutritionist with a passion for everything to do with food. I believe that all real food is good, and am renowned for providing 'life ready' nutrition solutions. Having rigorous training in clinical and exercise nutrition gives me expertise as well as the experience in providing personalized nutrition advice. 

I am an ‘Expert Nutrition Coach’ certified by Precision Nutrition, Canada; with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition and a super specialization degree in Public Health from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.


I have been helping people discover the joy of healthy eating and a fit lifestyle for the past ten years. I can help you achieve your health dream too, without missing out on the food you love to eat. 


I am Amita Gadre, a clinical nutritionist and the founder of Amita's Holistic Nutrition. I am also a foodie and a constant proponent of 'real food'. 


I believe that 'How you live changes the way you eat and how you eat changes the way you live'.

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Transformation Stories

“My fitness journey with Amita has been very fulfilling and she worked to give me a lifetime of good health.”

Ajay Nair, Education Consultant

Dropped ten kilos weight, HbA1C levels dropped

to normal, waist size changed from 42 to 35 inches. 

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Go Nuts!

Diwali comes and Diwali goes. And with it, come boxes and boxes of nuts and dried fruit in the form of dressed up gifts. Thanks to all the bingeing we do during the festive season, though, we are on our guilt trips and the boxes of nuts and dried fruit are relegated to the deepest recesses of our kitchen.



The best cooking oil for your family.

Dietary fats add deliciousness, richness, and good, healthy nutrition to the foods we love. In the form of oils for cooking or eating, you can count on them to improve and enhance any cuisine.

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